i'm Mani, I'm 18 and my blog sucks. I love Jesus Christ He is my Lord & Savior. If you message me i'll probably be your bff. Oh and I love this guy.
I don't own any of these photos unless stated otherwise.
I probably won't ever state otherwise.
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Everyone go wish my love masterwanderer a Happy 22nd Birthday!

I love you baby! :D

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natasha poly in vogue paris beauty may 2006, photographed by eric maillet

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If as a black man, you base the value of a black woman’s worth on the amount of melanin her skin contains, then you, as a black man have devalued yourself.

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Netflix, wtf?

Soooo today my heart @masterwanderer deploys.
Baby, I love you so much.
I will pray for you as I’ve been doing these (almost) 11 months we’ve been together.
I’m so in love with you and I’m a very proud of you! You’re so so so so so brave!
You’re the center of my heart and we got this.
We gonna’ stay together and when you come back, we can start our lives together.
Forever and always baby. I look rough there so the heart is a diversion.

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The difference between McDonalds burgers and Checker’s burgers is the difference between a pretty saidity chick giving you head versus a busted hood rat giving you head.
Shit may look sloppy but it’s still good as hell.

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